My personal experience with music is rather diverse. I started learning piano classically when I was 9. I started my first band in school when I was 13 because it was the cool thing to do, plus I wasn't very good at sports. We weren't particularly good either, but it was exhilarating. I also made some great friends, some of which I am still musically involved with to this day. In these primitive stages and through various permutations of bands, I tried playing keys, singing, playing drums, and keys again. At one point I joined the band Relikc, and my musical venture achieved some form of stability, as we've been going strong since 2008. Alongside my main commitment with Relikc, I actively participate in numerous projects, a few of which helped generate a sporadic relationship with the bass guitar.

Journey to keyboardist


Being a classically trained pianist, I was not too exposed to the world of synthesis for the first few years of my piano-playing. My understanding was that an electronic keyboard was a substitution for a piano, with the occasional added bonus of imitating other instruments. In 2007 I bought my first virtual analog synthesizer, the Alesis Micron, and it totally changed my perception of what synths can and should do. I particularly fell in love with subtractive synthesis, or as Herbie Hancock once called it, the "sculpting" of sound. Subtractive Synthesis is an art, in and of itself, in which raw waveforms, and their resulting overtones and harmonics, are strategically cut out, much like a knife is used in sculpture, using filters and envelopes. Suddenly, I had these tools for creating my own sounds and recreating the sounds of the synth legends I looked up to. Over the years I never stopped developing my synthesis skills and along the way, acquired an obsession for detail, making real effort into shaping the sounds I needed for session and studio work. Needless to say, synthesis is very present in my personal style and portfolio.

Parallel to my love for synthesis, years of playing with Relikc have also influenced my keyboard playing, steering me towards other sounds and gear. Particularly inspired by great players such as Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Chester Thompson, Roger Smith, Toby Smith, and many others, I developed a love for electric pianos and the hammond organ. Nowadays, these instruments feature greatly in my performances, and have become somewhat part of my persona as a musician through a "clonewheel" (my Korg CX-3) and my Yamaha Motif XS rack. Needless to say, I've craved the real thing for many years, so when I found an authentic 1980 Rhodes mk.II Stage 54, I just knew I couldn't pass it up. Humble beginnings, but I don't aim to keep it that way...




Although I am typically involved in multiple projects, I invest most of my musical efforts into the band Relikc. There are many reasons why I do so, apart from the fact that I love the other members to bits. Perhaps what connects us the most, is our love for live performances, which we characteristically convey to our audiences and fans, who participate and party along with us. Relikc represents our journey as musicians, as over the years it has developed together with our personalities, becoming a unique blend of fun, funk and rock.


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Other Projects



Though currently on an indefinite hiatus, my main commitment with the bass guitar is for the band Scarlet Sally. Scarlet Sally was founded in 2011 and all the members are good friends of mine (whilst also sharing a few members from Relikc). Together we played a variety of gigs which were a lot of fun, whilst also releasing a number of songs which can be found here. Although we aren't writing songs at the moment, we still accept bookings for gigs and receptions. 



Since 2004, I have been involved in Strummin' in various ways, playing guitar, percussions, keyboards and even singing a couple of songs. From 2008 up to 2014 I was directly involved in the coordination of the project as a Guitarist Coordinator, Band Coordinator and Music Coordinator. I've also been teaching guitar to a multitude of attendees in preparation for the concert throughout the summer months leading to each event.


The Kite Project

Lead by Annemarie Mayo, "The Kite Project" is a four track EP, for which I recorded piano and keyboards, and bass in one of the songs. The project also featured a number of performances by the band, showcasing the songs written.


Malta Rock Movement

Throughout the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of performing as a keyboardist alongside a multitude of renowned musicians and singers for a number of concerts organized by the Malta Rock Movement. The various concerts included tributes to the super band "Pink Floyd", playing the entirety of their successful albums, "The Wall", "Wish You Were Here" and "Dark Side of the Moon", a tribute to Bob Marley, as well as others.


What The Funk

In 2014 and 2015, I joined the funky team of musicians as a bassist for the fourth and fifth editions of "What The Funk", directed by Mark Attard and featuring many talented musicians and singers. What The Funk also made appearances in Earth Garden and the Farsons Great Beer Festival.




Relikc - Tomorrow (2009)

Relikc - Mindwreck (2010)

Relikc - Rollercoaster (2010)

Relikc - Take The Blame (2011)

Relikc - Nothin' On My Mind (2011)

Scarlet Sally - I Don't Get It (2013)

Scarlet Sally - Back To The Start (2014)



The Kite Project - 'The Kite Project' (2014)

featuring songs:
01. Don't Hesitate
02. Circus
03. Cauldron Heart
04. Friends

Relikc - 'It's Not Misspelt' (2015)

featuring songs:
01. Prime Time
02. Push
03. Sharon Kaydee
04. Reach Out


Relikc - 'The Code of Antics' (2017)

feature songs:
01. This Side of Me
02. Second Chances
03. Promises
04. Better
05. Dame on the Dancefloor
06. Sorry Again
07. Strut (Papa's Got the Cash)
08. Casanova
09. The Funk Park
10. Save Your Crying